What is the Dawson Program Corrective Sound Therapy

“The Dawson Program views the human body as a naturally self-creating, self-correcting system when given the opportunity to do so. The Dawson Program does not diagnose any specific condition but rather seeks to initiate the return of the body to its optimum condition of wellbeing through the correction of its electrical (energy) systems. The innate intelligence residing in all humans and animals will undertake the consequent return to health.” Cameron Dawson.

How the Dawson Program can help you and your family?

Clients often report major improvement initially with their general physical and mental wellbeing. They have also reported improvements with back and joint pain, headaches learning difficulties, dyslexic symptoms, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue, heart conditions, some diabetic conditions, sleeping difficulties, eye & ear problems, depression, thyroid problems, skin conditions, eating disorders and many more

The Dawson Program does not diagnose medical conditions or treat any specific condition. Rather it seeks to correct the Energy Systems so the body can look after itself and be more resilient to illness.

The Dawson Program Corrective Sound Therapy

Every living thing, including our individual cells, is constructed around and surrounded by energy systems of varying frequencies. The correct function of these energy systems enables every cell and organ to maintain the optimum Life Force frequency.

There are primary Energy Systems associated with the human body