Energy Systems


The Basics

The interpretation of the chakras involves an understanding of the ancient Yogic view of the body. This view is not limited to flesh and blood, but extends to the subtle body, the energy body. The chakras have links to the physical body, especially the endocrine system, and coincide with neural networks emanating from the spinal column.

Energy (prana in Sanskirt, the ancient sacred language of south Asia) is believed to flow through-out the human body. The three main energy channels (nadis) intersect with one another at seven main points known as chakras.

Chakras are 7 Major energy centres where energy enters the body. The root and crown come into existence at conception however the other 5 do not appear until a number of weeks later.

Each chakra has an individual frequency, distance, body entry and exit position and emotional content.

Minor Chakras are the exiting energy sources. The energy taken in by the chakras is used then dissipated, relieved, balanced, and exits the body by the 28 minor chakras.

Each major chakra has a front and back entry point apart from the crown and root.

Colours of the chakras correspond with the colours of the rainbow.

Chakras energise the meridians which provide life force to each cell.

It is seen as the aura of different colours that vary according to the energy used and the emotions felt at the time, as well as many other factors.

The Dawson Program corrective sound therapy can clear all 7 Chakras, 28 Minor Chakras, 14 Meridiansand 7 Auric Fields therefore putting the body back into functioning at its optimal level.

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