Energy Systems


An overview of the Kundalini

The Kundalini holds a very special position and function in relation to the 28 individual electromagnetic frequencies. It is the key that connects the 3 electrical energy systems.

It is important to note that the Kundalini is the first of the 7 Auric fields BUT it exists prior to the other 6 Auric fields.

The Kundalini is a gradient of energy frequencies that exists in every egg and seed before fertilisation and is the central core of energy within the unfertilised egg.

This gradient of energy in animals, positions the top of the head and the tip of the tail in the egg.

The Kundalini thereby forms the basis of the framework for all cell growth.

The Meridians are formed around the Kundalini but are not energised until conception.

At conception the Chakras Appear, giving the supply of life energy to the Meridians and the developing cells.

At first breath the Chakra’s supply life energy to the six other Auric Fields.

Failure, particularly of the Kundalini, causes body distortion and underlying anxiety.

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