Energy Systems


An overview of the Meridians

Meridians are energy lines that pass through the body,(see Acupuncture Charts). They are usually named after the major organ they flow through. However their physical effects are generally unrelated to that organ and can be wide ranging.

There are 14 Meridians in the human body. The Meridian Structure is activated at conception.

12 are bi- lateral meaning they are on both sides of the body. A meridian will usually fail on one side only. In western society the meridians most likely to fail are kidney, spleen, heart, lung, and large Intestine.

The Meridians are one of the three energy systems that need to function at optimal frequency for the body to function at its best. The energy spirals in through the 7 Chakra System and on its way down it filters into the Meridians which then feeds the organs and cells.

A blocked Meridian puts pressure on the remaining Meridian to feed the organ or cell for that meridian .ie heart Meridians are in both left and right arm. If one heart meridian is blocked the pressure to feed energy to the heart is resting on the second heart meridian and when that gets to much the Heart will demand energy from other meridians which puts extra pressure on those organs.

Meridian Malfunctions

People we are close to can affect us on a day to day basis even though we are not involved in their particular emotional issue. Meridians can carry trauma or negative emotions and if that is so will block the meridian from functioning at its optimal level.

A Dawson program sound correction can clear the meridian, chakra or auric field and the body can return to functioning at its very best.

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